The Gentry Health Difference

The Gentry Health Difference

At Gentry Health Services, our philosophy is simple, TAKE CARE OF THE PATIENT! We understand the challenges of dealing with and treating complex health conditions. Our team of professionals strive consistently to make the prescription filling process easier for everyone involved and here’s how:

The Patient Will Get Their Medication

We urge you to send all of your patient’s prescriptions to Gentry Health. Our team will ensure your patients get their medications even if Gentry Health’s Pharmacy is not authorized to fill them. When necessary, we will research where your patient’s medication can be obtained and send it there. Our goal is to take the hassle away from your office so you can focus on what’s most important, treating your patients.

We will research your patient’s benefits and locate Prior Authorization forms for you

Your staff will no longer have to wait on hold with an insurance carrier to locate the proper form to request authorization of a medication for your patient. Gentry Health has access to all the forms with all carriers and will gladly locate and assist you in the Prior Authorization process with insurance companies.

We help your patients locate financial assistance

As an enhanced service pharmacy provider, Gentry Health has access to many funds, organizations and foundations that financially assist patients in need. Additionally, several manufacturers offer copay assistance to help manage high out of pocket expenses. Gentry Health will work directly with your patient to soften the financial burden of complex disease state medications.

Access to a Retail Pharmacy network

Gentry Health Services works collaboratively with Discount Drug Mart retail pharmacies to bring our patients innovative adherence concepts such as the SYNC your MEDS program, picking up of Gentry Medications at a Discount Drug Mart pharmacy, as well as continued access to their trusted Discount Drug Mart Pharmacist. Discount Drug Mart has been recognized nationally by Consumer Reports for their commitment to service and positive patient experiences and Gentry is proud to be affiliated with their pharmacies.

Gentry Health Pharmacy is a FULL SERVICE PHARMACY

Gentry Health Pharmacy is dedicated to simplifying the prescription filling process. We will attempt to fill all maintenance prescriptions through Gentry Pharmacy together when possible. Our goal is to make your patient’s pharmacy experience as positive as possible to drive adherence and positive clinical outcomes.


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