GentryPATH® is proudly offered by Gentry Health Services to provide relevant and timely support to prescribers. PATH stands for Proactive Advantage for Total Healthcare and is a comprehensive approach to maintaining lines of communication between the prescriber and pharmacy. GentryPATH® is another example of how Gentry Health Services is creating a path to better care for every patient on their journey towards improved health.

Medication Reconciliation

GentryPATH® provides prescribers with timely information about their patient’s pharmacy care. Up to one week prior to the patient’s next office visit, Gentry Health Services will provide a medication reconciliation of all medications taken by the patient, along with progress on their medication therapy, medication adherence scores, as well as any clinical concerns or administrative needs that may be required such as issuance of a prescription renewal or insurance paperwork. The goal is to proactively provide information to the prescriber to help deliver on our everyday promise at Gentry Health Services, together creating a path to better care.

Prior Authorization Processing Guidelines

There is nothing more administratively challenging to a prescriber than processing prior authorization requests with their patient’s insurance company. Through GentryPATH®, Gentry Health Services has developed a set of guidelines that provide tips for successfully processing the appropriate and necessary paperwork to ensure a timely response from the insurance company.

Medication Order Acknowledgements

At Gentry Health Services, the key to effective care is communication between providers. Through GentryPATH®, prescribers will receive acknowledgement from Gentry Health Services’ pharmacy when an issued prescription’s processing has begun. Within one business day of receipt, Gentry Health Services will contact the prescriber’s office to inform them of the status of the prescription order and any necessary next steps.

New Product Availability

The landscape of pharmaceutical products and availability of new therapies is a continually changing process. Through GentryPATH®, prescribers will be kept abreast of new therapy options available at Gentry Health Services.

Thank you all so very much for being efficient.  We are always very confident in sending prescriptions your way.  You guys are the best!! – LB, Rheumatology Dept. in Lorain, OH.

Gentry Health Services has eased the burden placed on my office with insurance forms. But more importantly, their clinical team was quick to get me involved with a suspected adverse reaction, helping me to ensure the safety of the patients I treat. – J. Lender, MD – Dermatology in Elyria, Ohio.


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