Gentry Health Services maintains a staff of clinical pharmacists that are specifically trained to manage patients who are diagnosed with a chronic disease requiring specialty medications. Our pharmacists utilize industry leading technology to perform initial and ongoing clinical assessments for their patients. Each individual patient assessment is based on a series of algorithmic questions where the patient’s responses are used to create a specific customized approach to care.
These assessments include:

  • Individualized medication counseling and self-administration training
  • Evaluation of the patient’s knowledge and understanding of their disease state and medication
  • A comprehensive medication review to avoid preventable drug interactions or side effects and assure appropriateness of the therapy prescribed.
  • Gentry Health Services understands the journey that patients face with complex disease states. We will proudly partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers to offer customized and dedicated distribution, focused treatment and care, along with educational support to our patients. At Gentry Health Services, our team of professionals is committed to improving the clinical outcomes of patients with the most complex of disease states. Together, we can create a path to better care.

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  • Customized clinical programs to improve medication adherence
  • Lowering the barrier of patient access to medications with prior authorization assistance and financial assistance
  • Capabilities for customized fulfillment protocols to meet changing requirements for a particular product line
  • Customized data collection, analytics, and reporting.
  • Optimizing channel strategy though 3PLs and Hubs
  • Dedicated facility resources available for patient advocacy and education
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