At Gentry Health, our primary goal is to take care of the patient. Your patient. Our programs are designed with a perpetual focus on quality as we strongly believe that a mindset of continuous quality improvement is the only approach to create a path to better care. This commitment to quality-based operations and clinical management is reflected through our full accreditation and re-accreditation with URAC, ACHC, ACHC Distinction in Orphan Drugs and Rare Disease and NABP.


Our Expertise

Gentry Health has extensive experience with assisting pharma to increase market share as well as support patient access for best outcomes. We proudly partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers to offer customized and dedicated solutions, focused treatment and care, along with educational support to our patients. Our expertise includes:

Enhanced support for existing products
  • Gentry Health is fully capable of processing prior authorizations and has an exceptional approval rate of >88% for all specialty medications
  • Our expert clinical staff customizes clinical monitoring and education based on specific program goals and each unique patient journey. Some topics discussed in the clinical assessments include:
    • Detailed patient education and self-administration training
    • Expectations regarding goals and realistic timelines for improvement
    • Consistent adherence monitoring
    • Mitigation strategies for adverse drug reactions/side effect management
    • Ongoing efficacy monitoring
  • Gentry Health implements flexible data collection with a heavy focus on the regular review of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of our patients, prescribers and pharma partners
    • Persistency – 98.43% PDC (Proportion of Days Covered)
    • Speed to therapy – including time required to contact patient, secure payment, schedule delivery and medication fulfillment
      • Clean Prescription – prescriptions for which the pharmacy received all necessary information to fill the prescription upon receipt
        • 0.78 business days
      • Prescriptions Requiring Intervention – prescriptions for which the pharmacy needed to obtain additional information (prior authorization, clarification from prescribing clinician) before filling the prescription
        • 3.43 business days
New product launch
  • Our primary goal with each new launch is to increase the market share of your product
    • Work with PBM’s for coverage and exceptions
    • Assist prescribers to facilitate understanding of the product and program
    • Dedicated single point of contact with operational authority to provide prompt responses and resolutions, provide work-in-process status reports and present quarterly performance reviews
  • Gentry Health has vast experience with the implementation of programs and services based on the specific program goals for new product launches including starter kit coordination
  • With an in-house IT department, Gentry Health is nimble and is capable of customizing data setup and reporting cadences for each product serviced
  • Our staff is trained to work with patients on obtaining financial assistance and copay/bridge support if needed to allow better access to therapy


Our Evolving and Nimble Business Model

  • Gentry Health has broad payer coverage with more than 80% payable claims on referrals received and 50 state licensing to allow treatment and distribution of critical medications to patients nationwide
  • We employ an internal sales force as well as field representatives to ensure that our prescribers fully understand our suite of services and help provide guidance as needed
  • With growing centralized intake capabilities including benefit verification, we work to streamline care by providing a single point of contact for the support and triage of specialty medication therapy
  • Network of Ohio retail pharmacies to help support local patients by syncing their specialty medication with retail therapies


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