Disaster Recovery Information

Disaster Recovery Information

Procedures for ensuring continuation of your care/service in the event of a disaster are detailed below:

  • In the event of an impending emergency (e.g., major storm), Gentry Health personnel will contact you to inform you of the nature of the event, specific plans
    for meeting your immediate needs and/or the expected date service will be reinstated.
  • In particular, should Gentry Health Services be forced to cease operation as a result of the disaster or mandatory evacuation, you will be notified that therapy
    services will be coordinated with an alternate Gentry Health Services location or a subcontracted pharmacy during the emergency.
  • If the backup Gentry Health Services location and the subcontracted pharmacy are unable to provide service and deliver your medications on time, due to
    damage caused by a disaster and unavailability of any delivery system, Gentry Health Services will contact you and obtain information about the nearest
    operating local pharmacy and will transfer your prescription(s). You will be informed when Gentry Health Services is able to continue servicing you and will
    transfer your prescription(s) back after we have recovered from the disaster.
  • You may need to provide the local pharmacy phone number to Gentry Health Services in order to transfer your prescription(s) back to Gentry or you may
    notify your physician and obtain prescription medications to provide to Gentry Health Services.
  • If you have an immediate need for medication, we will supply your medication needs on a priority basis. You will receive enough supplies to get through the
    initial phase of the disaster, whenever possible. The number of days of medication and supplies to be shipped will be determined by the pharmacy manager
    and safety coordinator.
  • If an emergency occurs and we are unable to contact you, or you are unable to contact us and you are experiencing difficulties administering or obtaining
    your medication, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room for help.
  • If you are in danger or are in immediate need of medications, first contact the closest emergency department or call 911 and then attempt to call us.
  • We ask that you seek medical attention should you be in a disaster and inform us of any change in status or if you need to relocate temporarily as a result
    of the disaster.
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